Whenever kids are asked what exactly it is they want to be when they grow up the usual responses you hear are the typical responses expected to be heard from your average kid; world famous athlete, rich and famous rock star, and life saving doctor or firefighter are just a few of the most common types of careers kids strive to one day make a reality when they grow up. You never really hear a kid say they want to one day grow up to become a real estate agent and sell homes.

Another popular answer that a lot of kids give involves being their own boss and working for themselves, which is another understandable answer to be given at a young age. There's no looking at the cons of working for yourself or working for home and all kids think about is the fact that they wouldn't have to work for anybody else and could even do so from the comfort of their condo suite they might one day be living in.

No boss and working from home! That's a win-win all around when you work for yourself and you work from home. Sometimes though you can't always work for yourself, as many kids will grow up to find out, but there are plenty of jobs such as real estate agent, freelance writer, computer programmer or online tutor that can be done from home. If you're thinking that a career in a field that will let you work from your home is for you we've got some pros and cons for you to consider when making such an important decision.

Let's start off with the pros and then work our way down to the cons of working from home. Some pros that result from a work at home job such as designing house plans include: no commuting, free to work your own hours, not having to worry about a workplace dress code, having nobody to look over your shoulder (at least not in the flesh), you can write off home office expenses when filing your taxes, and working from home is very convenient/friendly to your personal schedule since you make your own work schedule.

Cons of working from home include: must be self-motivated, you don't get that office co-worker camaraderie you normally would at any office job, your bosses don't get to see how much effort you put into your work, if you go out for lunch you must do so by yourself, there is a higher chance of procrastination, and it's easy to overwork yourself if you spend the day doing stuff other than working.

There are also plenty of in-between jobs, and by that we mean you don't have a traditional office, but you don't do all of your work in your pajamas either. This is where jobs like Realtor and home inspector fall - jobs like these may involve a mobile office instead of a home office. Your work day takes you from location to location, perhaps occasionally into the corporate head office for meetings. The dentist in London Ontario at Expressions Dental Office London for example, say that having a home office offers the best of both worlds - the freedom to work whenever and wherever suits you with plenty of outside contact and it's very simple for the staff to know when you're doing a good job.

In the end you have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons and take a job that will see you work from home or if the cons outweigh the pros and look for a traditional office setting type job.

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