If you have some disposable income lying around and have a great business mind and you're looking for ways to turn that cash into even more cash have you ever considered purchasing income properties as a way to invest your money? If you haven't then you should, as income property is one way of netting a great return on your initial investment. In recent years investing in North Vancouver or Oshawa Ontario real estate has become one of the most successful ways of investing money and has actually become a common occurrence in the world of investing.

Even if you're not currently in possession of funds for investing, with interest rates so low, you may consider borrowing to finance a really promising real estate opportunity.

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When it comes to choosing which types of real estate properties to invest in and where, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you want to purchase a home and live in it until its value appreciates then you can buy any old type of home and sell it when the market is in your favor. If you're not looking to live in the property you buy and want to sell it right away then your best bet is to go with a fixer-upper and purchase a home that's cheap and needs some work done to it.

You should only make an offer on fixer-upper townhouses or detached homes that you know you'll have the time and money to put into fixing up enough to put right back onto the market and sell for a profit. Investing in a fixer-upper home is the quickest investment property out there and one that can yield you a high return on investment if you're willing to put the necessary repair and renovation work in.

If buying and selling real estate, also known as house flipping, doesn't appeal to you then you can look into buying condos for sale in a big city like Toronto or Calgary that are in decent enough shape that you can rent out to tenants once you become the owner. Rental properties are great income property investments because the money you charge tenants for rent helps pay off the mortgage in a timely fashion. And even better, there is a rebate program in Canada that allows you to get back some of your costs of renovation when you're renting out the finished space. It's a bit complicated, but there is help available to make sure you can take advantage of these savings.

Once that mortgage is paid off you can make a clear profit from the rent you collect or put the rental properties back on the market to make all your money back and then some. You might find that being a landlord appeals to you and you can then start the process all over again with a new rental property.

Whether you decide to get into the business of flipping real estate properties or joining the world of apartments and condos for rent as a landlord you'll find that investing in real estate is well worth the money you initially put in up front.

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